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Guilford College, ALA Ink Partnership...Click to read Guilford College, ALA Ink Partnership...Click to read American Language Academy Launches Online Learning on Moodle American Language Academy Launches Online Learning on Moodle

Welcome to American Language Academy™

American Language Academy™ (ALA) can make a difference in your life. We realize that our students will achieve the results we expect only if we provide a meaningful, engaging, and challenging educational experience. Our programs are designed to give personal attention to every student in an open, diverse, and interactive environment. We focus on you acquiring the English skills necessary to achieve your personal language goals. We offer immersion tours and a wide range of out-of-class activities that reinforce learning and provide educational, cultural, and recreational enrichment.

ALA is centrally located in the safe, beautiful, and vibrant city of Greensboro, North Carolina. Our main campus is ideally situated near the center of downtown Greensboro and among seven major university and college campuses. In addition, we also hold classes on the Guilford College campus. ALA classes are also scheduled to begin in 2014 on the campuses of High Point University and Salem College. All three of these respected institutions are in beautiful settings and provide a safe environment for learning.

Students attend levels 4, 5, and 6 on the Guilford College campus; they may also choose to attend these courses at either Salem College or High Point University as classes become available at those sites. Depending upon student enrollment, one or more of these course levels may be available at the ALA Main Campus.

ALA will serve your English language needs for admission to a university with six (6) different course levels of an intensive English program (IEP) in our English for Academic Purposes curriculumIn addition, we can provide general English short courses, career- focused English courses for groups and individuals, as well as tutoring sessions. Online English courses are available.

Our “pathway” program allows you to receive a Conditional Letter of Admission* (CLA) from a partner college or university upon enrollment in our intensive English program. This CLA provides admission to an undergraduate degree program with no TOEFL exam.

*Students must meet all other university or college admission requirements for international students and successfully complete ALA Academic English (Level 5) in order to meet this conditional acceptance.

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